Shop Local

Here we would like to acknowledge all the local partners we have teamed up with.

Little Foot Foods provide our cabbage rolls as well as a variety of pirogies to choose from. They are quite delicious!

Cara Pasta provides a wide variety of fresh frozen sauces as well as lasagna and many types of pastas

Pizzaremo provides us 5 Varieties of Pizza, made here in the pizza capitol! Windsor, Ontario Canada !

Butcher’s On the Block Sets up Shop on Thursdays April through September The also provide us fresh soups in the winter fall and fresh salads in the summer. Their famous deep fried mac in our freezer for your home!

Red Beard designs creates stunning cutting and charcuterie boards. They also provide oil and wood planks for grilling.

Bubis Original Sauce, garlic sauce made in Windsor !

Nostadt’s Famous BBQ Sauce availible in hot and mild also we carry their Spice mix

Blak’s Bakery provides fresh bread and buns daily. Along with some assorted treats and pastries

Adriatic Bakery provides fresh bread and buns daily. Along with cookies and other assorted treats

Union bakery provides us with fresh bread and Seinfeld’s famous marble rye bread

Famous for its Agege Bread, if you have not tried it yet, you are missing out, this sweet bread is one a kind.

Joyful Lynne provides us with an amazing set of spice mixes including a bacon Caesar which is to die for.