Current Meat prices – March 24 2020

Meat prices March 24 2020

(Subject to change as market conditions move)


Sirloin Steak 8.99/lb

T- Bone Steak 12.99/lb

12 oz New York Strip 10.99ea

10 oz New York Strip 9.29ea

8 oz New York Strip 7.49ea

Rib Eye Steak 15.99/lb

Cube Steak 6.99/lb

Round steak 6.99/lb

Fetina 7.49/lb

Shank 5.49/lb

Short Ribs 8.49/lb

Rump Roast 8.49/lb

Blade Roast 8.49/lb

Eye of Round 8.49/lb

Prime Rib 12.99/lb

Sirloin tip 8.49/lb

Stew Beef 7.49/lb

Lean Ground Beef 5.99/lb

Medium Ground Beef 4.49/lb

Pork List

Pork Tenderloin 5.99/lb

City Chicken 5.99/lb

Porkloin Cutlets 5.99/lb

Butterfly Chops 5.99/lb

Rib End Chops 4.99/lb

Center Cut chops 4.99/lb

Double loin Chops 4.99/lb

Breaded Cutlets 5.49/lb

Pork Steak 3.69/lb

Boneless Pork Butt Roast 3.99/lb

Pork loin Roast 4.99/lb

Ground Pork 3.29/lb

Extra Lean ground Pork 3.69/lb

Pork Sirloin Chops 4.49/lb

Baby back ribs 6.49/lb

Side Ribs 2.99/lb


Boneless Breasts 6.49/lb

Bone in Breasts 4.49/lb

Chicken Wings 4.49/lb

Legs 2.19/lb

Fryers 2.99/lb

Sausage Fresh

Mild Italian   5.99/lb

Hot Italian    5.99/lb

Honey Garlic 6.99/lb

Sausages Frozen (4pack)

Mild, Hot, Honey garlic, Lamb, Turkey, Chorizo, Jalapeno and Cheddar, Smokey Cheddar, Garlic, Bratwurst, Olive and Feta, Hot loose meat, Mild Loose meat, chorizo loose meat, Fennel, Jerk Chicken,

Cheeseburger, Breakfast links, Primo’s Breakfast, Maple Chipotle Breakfast, Breakfast Patties, Musetti.

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